About the Book

The Sacred Writings of St. John the Apostle: The Biblical Scholarship series on the New Testament writing Modern Received Ecleptic Text compared to the Early Papyri and Uncials VOLUME IV

This work is written for both those who know Biblical Greek, those who are learning the Biblical Greek, also those who are willing to work with the basics to further their knowledge in the Scriptures. It is hoped that the reader will develop his personal commentary and notes in the text provided.  It is written to inform the serious Bible student, who should compare the ancient text to today’s array of Bibles and interpretations of the text, and understand why and where they differ yet are the same witness with good textual reliability. It is written to give the pastors help with their Greek, so that more time can be spent on what the text says in the Greek to enrich your message to your people, while proclaiming, “Thus says the Lord, …”

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